1. Foul and Abusive Language7. Violent Conduct
2. Foul and Abusive Language (Game Official)8. Serious Foul Play
3. Second Caution9. Refusal to Report to Change Room after Dismissal
4. Spitting10. Fighting
5. Deny Goal – Handball11. Bench Altercation (e.g. Leaving the Bench)
6. Deny Goal – Foul12. Special Incident Report
 13. Not Registered with Club
Division:Game Date:Code #Player Name:#Team Name:# of GamesReturn to Play:
Sunday Men’sAugust 29/217Liam J.18FC GabagooSummer 2022
Sunday Men’sAugust 29/217Paulo J A.31Globe FC 09Summer 2022
Sunday Men’sSeptember 12/2110Matthew P.14FC Gabagoo Ejected
Sunday Men’sSeptember 12/217Robert D.9Galacticos 203-Oct-21