House Rules



(Forming part of the Contractual Agreement for Rental and/or League Time)

1. It is to be clearly understood by all participants that Wentworth Arenas Inc. enforces a policy of non-violence. Violence includes but is not limited to;

  • loud verbal abuse
  • threats and /or attempts to intimidate
  • throwing of articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner
  • aggressive approaches to another individual or group
  • physical striking of another individual
  • attempts to goad or incite violence in others
  • racial or ethnic slurs
  • vandalism and/or damage to property

Staff are instructed to take appropriate disciplinary action when incidents of violence occur. This action could include banning of patrons from the facility, cost recovery for repairs or equipment replacement and financial penalties for repeated acts of violence.

1.1_ Inasmuch as the Company’s premises are licensed under the AGO (formerly LCBO), should any person using the Company’s facilities contravene any provision of the AGO Act, this agreement may be terminated without notice and the Client’s deposit forfeited.

1.2_ Food and beverages are available on the premises, they may not be brought into the premises. Should patrons bring food and/or beverages into the premises, they will be asked to leave the premises in order to consume them.

1.3_ Wentworth Arenas Inc. supports family participation/spectating however, children may not be left alone in or on the premises without supervision. Should staff encounter situations with possible safety hazards for children, games may be interrupted while parents or guardians are located. Any such interruptions will not constitute increased rental or playing time.

1.4_ At the start of the playing season, participants should designate a player who will act as a First Aider and who will be available to provide preliminary assistance in the event of serious injury or accident. Staff will not provide any form of medication.

1.5_ All participants are advised that sports and similar activities intrinsically involve risk of injury greater than those encountered in daily life. The wearing of safety equipment whether mandatory or otherwise is strongly recommended. Participants will be advised of mandatory equipment.
1.6_ The chewing of gum is prohibited on all playing surfaces.

1.7_ Wentworth Arenas Inc. will not be responsible for theft or damage to personal belongings on or off the premises.

1.8_ Smoking is prohibited inside the facility.

1.9_ The wearing of outdoor shoes on the playing surfaces is not allowed Spectators are warned to be observant while viewing all ice hockey games as there is risk of personal injury from hockey pucks leaving the ice surface. Spectating is done at your own risk. Wentworth Arenas Inc. shall not be liable for any injury, illness,
death, damage, loss, accident, expense, delay or other irregularity occurring from any such incident.

2. All personal information collected in regard to the execution of this contract shall be for the sole purpose of the
execution of the contract and for not other reason. Wentworth Arenas Privacy Policy may be downloaded from our website at

These house policies have been developed to ensure the maximum safety and comfort levels for all participants.

Your co-operation is appreciated.