Tuesday Ladies Schedules

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All players MUST be WAISL Registered before they can play
***Teams have until their 6th game of the season to register any NEW players


Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5
Bilaballerz POP Pitch Perfect BABBAS GITNB
Goalden Girls PQFC Footloose Storm BKU
Little Mimmos Misfits PD’s First Ladies Globe FC
ACFC Bilaballerz 2.0 Slimeballs Lady Lightning Gritty N Pink
SSC Cobras Dundas FC Happy Feet SWAT Razzmatazz
Team Turek Proto FC Hawks Benfica Strikers
  Hamilton FC Lady Bugs    
  Bullets Hornettes    


1st Regular Season Games will start October 24/17 – Schedule will be released shortly.


Tuesday October 24, 2017
Game Time Home Team Scr   Visitors Team SCR Field
6:45 PM SWAT   VS Globe FC   Wentworth   #1
7:30 PM POP   VS Pitch Perfect   Wentworth   #1
8:15 PM BKU   VS First Ladies   Wentworth   #1